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Meet the Founder

10X FUEL has been founded by Benno out of the desire to dramatically increase his productivity as an entrepreneur to get more things done and to gain more time for his family. Realizing that incremental change won't suffice to substantially increase his work output, he looked for new, disruptive ways to be more productive.

Thereby, he soon realized that nutrition is a key contributor to maintaining momentum during focused work and recharging subsequently. While there are plenty of solutions in the category of sports nutrition, including an unlimited number of protein bars, he couldn't find any products geared to the specific nutritional needs of brain heavy work.

Hence, together with nutritional specialists, he created the 10X FUEL chargeup! bar packing some of the most acclaimed nutrients for cognitive performance and brain health into a yummy-tasting cereal bar. Since switching to 10X FUEL, Benno not only enjoyed more productive work, allowing him to build another business on the side, but also lost more than 20 kg of his weight (yet to be fair, that's also partly attributed to his morning runs to help him prepare for the next marathon).