Why 10x FUEL?


Your brain is your engine

Your brain is the engine that drives your productivity and performance at work. If you have no fuel, the wrong fuel or not enough fuel for the brain, you won't be able to perform your best at work. You will feel exhausted, tired, unfocused and uninspired which leads to poor decision, low productivity and demotivation. 


Fuel your brain

As an entrepreneurs and go-getters you are like an elite athlete. As elite athletes have specific dietary needs to perform physically and mentally at their best, you as an entrepreneur and go-getter require specific nutritional solutions to maximize your work productivity day in day out. The right intake of nutrition not only impacts your short performance, but also your mid- and long term ability to boost productivity at work.


10x results with 10x FUEL

Become the best version of yourself and boost your productivity by upgrading what you eat before, during and after work. 10x FUEL products are created to nurture your brain, mind and body for specific work occasions thereby helping you to avoid any downturns in productivity, to recharge after some tough cognitive work, to unwind after work or to go through a night shift. Our products are inspired by science, nature and the needs of peak performers at work.