nutrient-rich nutrition bars for sustained energy and cognitive power at work


10X FUEL for:

  • Work

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Nutrition acts as the silent partner in every success story at work: the right food choices fuel peak performance. Hence, 10X FUEL is consumed to accomplish more tasks during the day, enhance decision-making, increase focus, allocate more time for other activities, and reduce exhaustion after work.

routed in science - sourced from nature

100% bio certified ingredients
100% plant based formula
0% artificial additives
0% white sugar

100% natural ingredients

All 10X FUEL ingredients are bio-certified. No colorings or any other artifical additives have been added.

why does it work?

The 10X FUEL nutrient-rich formula is designed to provide sustained energy with its complex carbs, enhance alertness through caffeine, alleviate hunger with its high fiber content, and support cognitive functions and brain health.

  • good carbs

    complex carbs provide a steady flow of energy to the brain

  • nutrient rich

    12 all-organic (super-)foods supports overall health and performance

  • healthy fats

    Healthy fats that are important for brain structure and function.

  • antioxdiants

    neuroprotective effects and contributors to overall brain health

  • caffeine

    enhance alertness and cognitive function

  • proteins

    Promote satiety aiding longer focus

Don't risk your success with bad nutrition

we fuel work.